Microblading/Hairstroke Eyebrows

Microblading/Hairstroke Eyebrows

Microblading/Hairstroke Eyebrows is under the realm of tattooing. Microblading/hairstroke eyebrows are done with a disposable hand tool and blade or machine with disposable needle (depending on skin type). Combining artistry, technique, and color theory to mimic your own eyebrow patterns and color in the most undetectable and natural way. Amazing results for those with gaps, thin hair, dead follicles, sparse, uneven, alopecia, trichotillomania, and patchy eyebrows. What if you already have eyebrows? Make them more even, dense, and refined so you can save time in the morning and get extra beauty sleep. We will go over your brow goals and I will determine the best option for you based on your bone structure, your actual brow hair (if any), skin type, and desired results.


2.5-3 hours (includes paperwork, eyebrow mapping and actual service)

Recommended Frequency:
2 part process consisting of a first session and a touch up session 6-8 weeks later

None, detailed after care that needs to be followed

Same price as oncology $705 (includes touch up/follow up appointment) All appointments include full aftercare kit (tissues, aftercare ointment, and instructions).

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